February 19, 2008


“The short guy who’s sensitive is in deep shit. The average person doesn’t understand the transformation a short guy has to go through in order to live his life in a proper, fulfilling way.”

“Most short-statured people are just resigned to their fate of second- or third-class citizenship. You may be ignored, you may be dismissed, you may get less respect if you get any respect at all, you may get less courtesy if you get any courtesy at all.”

“Guys who are not short have no conception.”

> from S&M: Short and Male by Instinct Films. It's an enlightening and irreverent look at the built-in burdens faced by us height-challenged men.

I'm not linking to its trailer cuz it focuses largely on the difficulty wooing women. Happily, I’ve been spared that particular hardship.

But I almost have a second coming-out when I watch the clip ahead. I'm reminded there are others like me and I'm kinda-sorta proud to be a pipsqueak. I mean, height's as worthy of pride as any other innate characteristic, right?

NOSSA: It's about time.


tornwordo said...

Funny, and I always wished I were shorter. Plus, I dig short men.

TankMontreal said...

tornwordo: Yeah, greener grass and all that. But maybe we each wish we just didn't stick out all the time. C'est fatigant.

Diesel said...

I was always short growing up. Now I'm tall. I like it better. Although I'm glad I'm 6'2" and not 6'7" like my brother.

Mike said...

I feel the oppression until I'm in the middle seat of an airplane.

Ged-I said...

Does anyone know the access to that video of the l;ady walking around with a BIG HEART ?
I can't find it.
It makes me happy.

BigAssBelle said...

my little husband is about an inch or two taller than i am. it creates a perfect fit for hugs (and other things). we are cheek to cheek, my chin on his shoulder, perfect. shorter is better, and this from a previous fan of the tall ones.