October 15, 2009


Except to say Mom and Dad turned right around re-my upcoming marriage and they did it as abruptly as they'd expressed their initial apprehension. To recap:

Day One: Announce to the 'rents that my companion of 35 years and I were finally going to make it legal. They tell me they have "misgivings".

Day Two: Dad calls with an itemized list of reasons why my marrying Bill is a bad idea. I have him read it to me twice - you know, to be sure it all really sinks in.

Day Three: Dad calls again, this time to apologize for any hurt the first response may have caused and to express their congratulations.

I don't know they why they were so ignorant on Day One and I don't know what made them do the one-eighty only forty-eight hours later. All I know is, they did. I'm not digging any deeper.


tornwordo said...

Good news. I'm glad they pulled their heads out.

Ed said...

Hey handsome. Just read your blog for the first time...first of all congrats on the upcoming nuptials!
I know how you must have felt about your parents reaction. My partner and I have discussed the possibility of marriage. His family would think it's great, but my parents on the other hand, would react like your parents did. It's a whole religious thing.
I know they love me, they accept and adore my partner...but can't get around this fear of same sex marriage.
Right now for me it's enough that they love and accept "us" as a couple...but not sure how I'll feel if when or ever we decide to get married, and they may not support us. Would that change the dynamics of our relationship? (My folks and mine.) I hope not.
Anyway...just wanted to comment to let you know you're not alone.

G ( u know who ) said...

happy to hear that things are better with the parents

Mark in DE said...

So... did you get married yet? Pictures? Stories? Drama? Inquiring minds want to know!

BILL said...

There is a certain value to having ones' parents, loving and online with your life, that is difficult to define but wonderful to have. One day the story of that transformation deserves to be told. But for now, congratulations and all the best for your future together. You make a great couple.