July 1, 2007


The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Players who are tagged write eight random facts/habits about themselves on their own blog.
3. At the end of the post, choose eight people to get tagged and list their names with links. Don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them that they’ve been tagged and to read your blog for the details.

1. A note was once passed to me in a public bathroom stall, the result of which was my piloting a small aircraft.

2. I’ve met two internationally famous lesbians of the entertainment world, albeit briefly. One of them didn't seem to want to touch me when our picture was taken. The other pawed my pecs and said, “You’ve got big ones”.

3. I used to have two tattoos, then I had no tattoos. After that I had two tattoos again and now I have one tattoo. I'm fickle when it comes to tattoos.

4. When I was a kid, I hated looking younger than I actually was. But people said it would serve me well when I got older. They were right.

5. I don’t drive a car anymore and I likely never will. You don’t want me behind the wheel. I get too angry with stupid people.

6. I shook hands with Donny Osmond here. It seems he was trying to change his image.

7. I had four girlfriends during my adolescence. Chronologically: Carolyn, Teresa, Diane and Nicole. I’m still friendly with the first two.

8. I had braces on my teeth on account of an errant fang protruding from my upper gum. Five years later, the repositioned tooth was knocked out in a bicycle accident.

Woody Allen said he couldn't be comfortable in a group that would accept someone like himself as a member. Similarly, I'd been almost offended no one ever'd bothered to tag me - and then Mike did and I found myself between a rock and a hard place: I was expected to assemble my own list, which turned out to be fun. But I also had to ask other bloggers to do the same - and frankly, I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.

So consider this the opportunity for y'all untagged folk to jump on the bandwagon. This is The Wild-Card Tagging Blog, for those who've fallen under the radar thus far. Come play with us.


Mateo In San Diego said...

As with most of your blog entries and in the tradition of your writing style, you leave much to the imagination.

You flew an aircaft after receiving a note slipped thru a glory hole? You had several girlfriends and pursued the attentions two famous (albeit unnamed) lesbians? Whaa?

Yet you stop short of telling us the full story(ies). You little sneaky poo.

Well, having been lucky enough to've once heard the extended versions of some of these stories, I can say that there is an awful lot more than you were willing to disclose... but I suppose that's part of the fun of being an enigmatic personality within the blogosphere.

Still, as someone who just HAS to know who those two lesbians were, I'll let all y'all out there know that their names rhyme with "Zandwa Plurnhart" and "Katie Rang" respectively.

As for the assigment itself... how horrible. Chain letters and email tag assigments are pretty much the bane of anyone online. You don't want to seem like a dick for ignoring what is most likely a friendly gesture from an efriend, but at the same time... it's kind of annoying to have to comply with the imposition. You handled it very well, though... and one can only wonder if poor Mike In The Middle Ages had this same assignment handed to him. Either way, you took the high road and delivered your 8 items of note... and in the process added another entertaining piece to your gorwing body of work. Nice one... :-)

BigAssBelle said...

i love kd lang!! ;-)

well thanks. sort of. you suggested i should cheer up, but i'm really having a tough time with it. besides that (sez i, the gloomiest of all living things), there's not a thing interesting about me.

you, on the other hand ~ divine. and the pilot thing, must hear more. i'd have thrown up.

Normlr said...

I bet it was KD who loved yur guns.

Thom said...


But isn't it kind of complicated, all that tattooing and untattooing? ;-)

TankMontreal said...

mateo: You need to write more. About anything. Just write. You are gifted.

bigassbelle: It was a high-flyin' scheme to get into my pants, is what it was. But you can be sure I was in no shape for much afterwards. I'm not a happy flyer at the best of times, let alone when I'm behind the controls.

normlr: Ironically, she doesn't like meat, doesn't she?

thom: Tell me about it - to say nothing of the expense.

Matt said...

Number one is definitely one of the best-written enigmatic teasers I've read in a long time.

Mike said...

Ooh, are you sure it wasn't Donny Osmond commenting on your guns?

TankMontreal said...

mike: Interestingly, Mr. Osmond saw me on the other side of the club twenty minutes later and he remembered my name. Swoon.

BigAssBelle said...

It was a high-flyin' scheme to get into my pants, is what it was. . . . honey, that's a post unto itself. please. :-)